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As a comprehensive online resource for technology, Ant Software Limited is dedicated to creating high-quality content. We know that our journalists, writers, and technology experts are the best in their fields, but we simply cannot close our door on you.

If you think that you can offer us excellent and relevant content; if you know the latest updates in IT, then we need you in our team. Share your tips & tricks, DIYs, and ideas by writing for us. Help us provide information that our readers need; information that satisfies their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


  1. Before you get down to writing, please familiarize yourself with our articles. Play close attention to our style, the flow of each article, as well as the overall tone of every content entry. It will also be a big help if your topics are relevant to Ant Software Limited’s main subject (information technology, computers, software, and the like).
  2. Each article should have a minimum of ________ words and a maximum of ________ words. You can use your name or a by-line for your article/s.
  3. Before submitting your article, please send us a draft or an outline. This will give us an idea of what you are writing about. Submit a draft or outline for every article you intend to contribute. Please make sure that you submit your document in __________ format.
  4. If you are submitting more than one article, be sure to save them under different filenames. One file for every article.
  5. Submit your articles via email to __________________. For additional submission information, please contact ___________________.
  6. Lastly, we’d like our readers to get to know you. So, along with your article/s, please submit a short bio. You can include URLs of your previous online works (if any). Likewise, you should attach a recent photo of yourself, so our readers will have an idea of how beautiful/handsome you are.