4 Awesome Tips on Keeping Your Phone Charged the Whole Day


Having problems keeping your phone charged on a busy day? Cheer up because you are not alone! Many smartphone users have the same dilemma, especially on busy days when events seem to unfold one after the other. There’s always the power bank, but it’s not really that convenient to carry around. So, the only solution is to make sure that your phone is fully charged to last at least the whole day and well into the night. No worries, though, as there are several solutions to this problem. Here are four tips you can follow so you can make sure your phone is charged the whole day.

1. Close All Apps that are Running

You may not realize it, but all apps you open continue to run even when you are not using or playing them anymore. And these apps take off a lot of your battery’s power. So, the best thing to do is close, not just minimize, all apps that are running. This is particularly the case for game apps. So, before you start complaining about your battery’s performance, check your phone for running apps first.

2. Wi-Fi Connection Should Be Off; Phone Should Be on Airplane Mode

Yes, turning on your Wi-Fi connection can drain your battery pretty easily. So, when you do not need to go online, turn off your Wi-Fi connection. Better yet, put your phone on Airplane Mode. If you do this, you will be able to save a significant amount of battery power. Turn on your Wi-Fi connection and switch off the Airplane Mode only when you need to go online. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to receive or send calls and messages if your phone is on Airplane Mode. In addition to these, you should also refrain from using your Bluetooth, backlight, and vibrate function.

3. Minimize the Brightness on Your Phone’s Display

Dimming your phone’s screen will help prolong its battery’s life. To make things easier for you, check if your phone has an auto brightness feature and turn it on. This will automatically dim your screen when you are in a dark area or location. Some smartphones, like the iPhone, have a Night Mode or Night Shift feature, where you can schedule the length of time your screen will be dimmed. For example, if you’re normally asleep by 10 pm, you can set it to 10 pm to 6 am. This will help significantly increase your phone’s battery life, even if it is turned on the whole night.

4. Make Sure That Your Phone is NOT Fully Discharged and Fully Charged

While the common practice is to charge your phone to maximize its battery life fully, the truth is that it does not need to be charged up to 100%. In the same manner, make sure that your phone is not completely discharged before charging it. As much as possible, once it’s only 20% charged, connect your phone to its charger. If you let its power go too low, the battery has a great chance of getting damaged.

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